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When families are bereaved it comes with a lot of stress, right through the various planning stages to the final farewell. Families are over burden with a whole  a lot of concerns from  securing various permits and documentation, getting a casket, how the service should be conducted and who will do what with attended expenses, most of which cannot be properly accounted for. Sometimes getting the right persons to do various things needed leaves a lot to be desired.
It is this concern that ESICH Life Assurance in collaboration with Lashibi Funeral Home and Crematorium Ltd has brought to the Ghanaian market the “ESICHLashibi Funeral Plan”. The plan is specifically crafted to offer policyholders and their estate one-stop shop funeral package with the unusual assurance that they will get a befitting funeral they have always wanted without the hustle and bustle families go through when there are bereaved.
The Policy is a whole life insurance plan which covers the entire life of all life assureds covered under it. 
It is a service based policy which aims at guaranteeing the provision of a selected service package for a life assured who dies whiles under cover.
Under the Plan, the proposer automatically ‘CHARGE’ the Policy to Lashibi Funeral Home when the application is signed. This means the Plan value will be paid directly to Lashibi Funeral Home and not the policyholder or his estate, who will offer the funeral service selected by the Assured with all the professionalism it requires.
Among the services provided in the plan includes
Basic Services including shroud kit
Church Trolley
Cremation/Grave Site Preparation including Vault fee with Tiles (Accra & Tema)
Custodial Care For Up To 50 Days
Embalming of Body
Lincoln Hearse (Accra/Tema)Overnight
Ceremonial Hearse 
Lowering Device, Canopy and Carpet
Pall Bearers Within Accra/Tema
Preparation of Body for Burial (Bathing, Beautification and Dressing)
Recovery of Body Within Accra/Tema
Securing All Necessary Documentation (Death Certificate and Burial Permit)
Use of All Souls’ Chapel at Lashibi
Use of Refreshment Facilities at Lashibi
Photo/ Video Coverage
Provision of a Clergy, etc of your choice
The Plan comes in three packages  
Platinum  Package
Gold Package
Silver Package
The following, with their entry ages, could be covered under the plan 
The Primary Assured (policyholder), aged up to 60 years 
The Spouse of the Primary Assured aged up to 60 years
Two Healthy Parents/Parents-In-Law with, aged up to 74 years,
Children  up to 21 years
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